Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family

U.S. Premiere – September 30, 2017
Science Center of Iowa & Blank IMAX Dome Theater

If you think you know T. rex… think again.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family explores the most feared and revered of all dinosaurs in new and different ways.

While the most famous is the mighty T. rex, tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes and from all over the globe, and their history goes back over 100 million years. New tyrannosaurs like the crested Guanlong from China will change and challenge our understanding of the evolution of these iconic, well-loved dinosaurs.

The exhibition’s specimens are not only spectacular in scale and form, but also reveal some of the most significant discoveries in paleontology over the past decade.Tyrannosaurs offers visitors a look at rare and magnificent real fossils but also reconstructs the life-sized skeletons of these terrifying carnivores like you’ve never seen before.

Key Themes:

  • What is a tyrannosaur? Discover how tyrannosaurs fit into the dinosaur family tree and explore the key features that define a tyrannosaur.
  • Meet the Family. Immerse yourself in a large-scale projection experience and see how tyrannosaurs came in a range of sizes and shapes.
  • Explore the Family. Discover how natural selection, continental drift and climate change facilitated tyrannosaur transformation from carnivores little bigger than ourselves to massive top predators.
  • T.rex – The Ultimate.Learn what makes T. rex one of the most formidable predators that ever lived… and be ready for a few surprises
  • Tyrannosaurs – The Legacy. Tyrannosaurs lived for 100 million years and were some of the largest and most successful predators ever. Despite their final demise during one of Earth’s biggest mass extinction events, tyrannosaurs live on – in our imagination, our culture and in their bird cousins in our backyards.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family is presented by EMC Insurance Companies.

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