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Your support helps underwrite unique science learning opportunities at SCI

Online Donations

Donations can be made online anytime and you will receive recognition in SCI's Annual Report under any name you wish.

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Annual Fund Campaign

Annual Fund contributions underwrite the unique opportunities for science and technology learning through live demonstrations, theater programs, early childhood education classes and camps at SCI. This funding helps ensure that we continue to enhance critical-thinking skills and life skills in learners of all ages in a stimulating, interactive and fun environment.

NEW! The Essential Element is YU

SCI recognizes that when it comes to the success of the organization, the Essential Element is YOU (YU). In keeping with SCI’s mission to engage and inspire Iowans along their journey of lifelong science learning, we are now pleased to recognize Annual Fund Donors with an exciting, one-of-a-kind permanent exhibit modeled after the Periodic Table of Elements. Located in SCI’s entrance lobby, the exhibit will feature an interactive touchscreen to provide hands-on learning about the periodic table of elements, elemental combinations and other chemistry facts. 

Donor recognition is organized by elemental groups with contribution levels starting at $100. Each element within a group recognizes multiple donors. The Periodic Table of Elements will be updated with donor names each year in January and July.

Donors will be recognized at the following levels:

Rare Earth Metals - $100
Transition Metals - $250
Basic Metals - $500
Metalloids - $1,000
Non-Metals - $2,500
Halogens - $5,000
Alkaline Earth Metals - $10,000
Noble Gases - $15,000
Alkali Metals - $25,000
Helium - $50,000
Hydrogen - $75,000

Click here to see a photo of the Essential Element is YU exhibit!

Planned Giving

If SCI has impacted your life or the lives of your family and friends, Planned Giving can continue that legacy for years to come. Through the Endowment Fund or a Gift of Stock, you create benefits that last a lifetime—and beyond—for yourself, your family and for the Science Center of Iowa.

There are a number of Planned Giving options, and the best plan for you will balance your charitable and financial goals while supporting the legacy of SCI. You will be recognized through SCI for your gift.

SCI Wish List

Support SCI by donating some of the supplies and materials we need to provide a unique and interactive experience for the 350,000 participants who visit each year!

Consider purchasing items from our "wish list." Your impact will be immediate and directly affects our day-to-day operations. A list of items can be found on SCI’s Amazon Wish List. Purchases can be shipped directly to SCI. Remember: Donated items also are tax-deductible.


If you have questions or would like to support any of SCI's current campaigns, contact us via email or call SCI's Development Coordinator, Kelly Henry, at (515) 274-6868 ext. 223.

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