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Sponsorship support of Make@SCI demonstrates a commitment to creating a culture where young and adult entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors and artists are encouraged to grow. Thanks to the following organizations for being part of the cutting-edge "Makers Movement" and a supporter of today's most exciting STEM initiative.

Premier Sponsors: Cognizant, Maker Ed

Innovator Sponsor: Kemin Industries

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Why Making Matters

Making through prototyping, testing, experimenting, inventing and innovating is sparking new interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It’s helping promote values like creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and self-expression — all skills necessary to fill jobs in the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Making is preparing young people for STEM careers by inviting them to participate in the process and perceive themselves as makers.

Encouraging a "Makers Movement" in Iowa can reap significant economic benefits. According to Iowa Workforce Development, a highly-skilled workforce that has the opportunity to create ground-breaking new processes is essential to the future of manufacturing in our country.

Iowa’s status as a national manufacturing and STEM powerhouse is growing rapidly, and we need more STEM professionals to meet growing demand.

Nationally, STEM occupations are projected to grow 17 percent from 2008 to 2018, compared to 9.8 percent for non-STEM occupations.

In Iowa, the numbers are even more promising.

Iowa is the top state in the nation for percentage of energy produced by wind, at 27.4 percent. That industry continues to grow, providing new job opportunities every year. Iowa’s manufacturing industry has also experienced dramatic growth recently. In the last five years, 78 percent of issued Iowa patents impacted advanced manufacturing across the country.

Iowa is proud to be on the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing, and by engaging a new generation of students with STEM skills, SCI can support its efforts.


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