What on Earth?

Zoology, meteorology and geology converge inside SCI’s upper-level experience platform What On Earth? to showcase all walks of life across the state of Iowa:

  • Come face-to-face with native creatures of all kinds of cold-blooded critters
  • Explore Iowa's native habitats: the prairie, the marsh, the forest and the cave
  • Make leaf rubbings from different types of Iowa trees
  • Share, trade and display your best finds from nature in the Collectors' Corner

WHO-HD Weather Studio

Also inside What on Earth?, become a TV star in the WHO-HD Weather Studio where Channel 13 meteorologists broadcast the weather live from SCI each weekday at noon (weather permitting). When the shots aren’t live, try your hand at forecasting weather in front of the green screen!



This winter, What On Earth? will undergo renovations to make the exhibit better for our animals and more accessible to all visitors. The exhibit will be closed January 18-28 with other minor updates happening throughout the winter.