When Things Get Moving

Get physical with science inside SCI’s upper-level experience platform When Things Get MovingThis popular hands-on area is themed with the scenario "Toying with Science" where you can:

  • Make and launch your own rocket
  • Maneuver a ball through a giant wall of pulleys, levers and gears
  • Tackle the ultimate domino obstacle course
  • Work together to build a freestanding arch
  • Check out some of SCI's most iconic exhibits that are always crowd favorites

When Things Get Moving Scenario Changeout

In March of 2008, When Things Get Moving became the first of SCI’s experience platforms to undergo a “scenario change,” in which the entire area was refreshed with a new theme and look, new exhibits and improvements to existing exhibits. This unique system of regularly restructuring exhibit areas over time helps SCI to continually engage and inspire visitors with new experiences while connecting to current and emerging science and technology.