• Glow in the Dark Earrings

  • These amazing stud earrings are handmade out of GLOW IN THE DARK glass. The glowing glass will glow brightly after a quick charge of light again and again.  They are fun to waer from daylight to dim rooms or even in shade - you can watch them jump to life as these glow SUPER BRIGHT!

    The Science Behind Glow:  Glowing in the dark, or luminescence, is a simple matter of chemistry. Certain chemicals have  molecules, called photons, in them that store energy when exposed to light. This extra stored energy 'excites' them, and they are not able to hold on to all that extra energy, so they will slowly release those photons. This causes them to emit a small amount of light, and glow in the dark.

    Nickel-free titanium studs and backs.  Made in the USA.

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