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Learn more about Pint Size Science, our hand-on science program for young explorers, at

Learn more about Pint Size Science, our hand-on science program for young explorers, at

By: Kay Murphy, SCI Program Coordinator

What do you get when you mix science, experiments, crafts and preschoolers? A whole lot of FUN with Pint Size Science at the Science Center of Iowa!

When we think about teaching science to young children, we worry that it will be too advanced, complicated or messy.  That is where I come in!

To quote a young SCI participant: "Science is cool until it gets messy. Then it’s awesome!"

Teaching these little explorers is the highlight of my job! I love the preschool age: the enthusiasm, the curiosity, the general wonderment. Plus, these kids say the darndest things! You never know what to expect in each class. By approaching science in a fun and hands-on setting, full of visuals, activities and keywords, this age group thrives into little scientists!

What is Pint Size Science?

Pint Size Science is a monthly class, uniquely centered on a family learning environment that gives young explorers ages 3 to 5 an outlet to encourage their natural curiosity.

Every young child wants to touch, see, do and discover for themselves. SCI designed this class specifically for this purpose. By creating an atmosphere where science can come to life, our youngsters can discover the world around them in a fun, new way!

Planning for Preschoolers

One of the best parts about my job is putting together the lesson plans for each month. I have to put myself in the mind of a preschooler and try to see through their eyes. What would be fun and interesting to them? Can they touch it and experience it for themselves? Are the books easy for them to understand and engaging enough to hold their attention?

Every month, I research and plan, create and design the curriculum. I want the class to be original and fresh – from coloring sheets to posters, real animals and hair-raising experiments, to using our experience platforms as an addition to many lessons. I want to create an environment that our little scientists want to come back to!

Learning is Better Together

Pint Size Science is a great escape from the norm. It’s a chance for this special age to be who they are while learning and interacting with children their age. We encourage parent participation and love seeing families, parents, grandparents and other caregivers come enjoy this class as much as their little scientists! With topics varying from animals, weather, robots, dinosaurs to electricity, we offer something for everyone!   

We want to make these classes fun and convenient for both your child and for you! We offer two exciting class times, Tuesdays at 1:00 pm and now Saturdays at 10:00 am! Our Tuesday classes run through May, and our Saturday classes will be offered year-round!

Each class is led by a SCI Programs Team member and lasts approximately one hour. All lessons include an introduction to the topic, accompanied by a short book, visuals, hands-on activities, finger play, crafts, worksheets and handouts! Continue the learning outside the classroom; you and your child can enjoy general admission to SCI the day of your class included in the Pint Size class registration fee!

As the cold weather approaches and the holiday season sneaks closer and closer, remember the Science Center of Iowa. Pint Size Science classes make great gifts for kids! I’d love to see you there!

Come to SCI to get out of the cold and warm up with some science and serious fun! To register or for more information, visit or call our Sales Office at (515)274-6868 ex. 222.

Kay Murphy is a Program Coordinator at SCI. As part of her job, Kay presents live programs to SCI participants and helps develop new programming, as well as travels for Pint Size Science Outreach to preschools in the metro area. She studied history and communications at The University of Iowa and began working at SCI as a Programs Presenter in August 2011.

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