Does our building look greener to you?

Does our building look greener to you?

New lights = Big savings

This month, we converted three of our largest spaces – Founders Hall, the A-ha! Gift Store and the Food Chain Café – to all LED lightbulbs.

Here are a few of the numbers:

3,000 - Number of hours light bulbs are in use per year at SCI.
In these public spaces, the lights are on for at least eight hours a day every day that we’re open – that’s nearly 3,000 total hours per year!

184 - Number of bulbs that were replaced in total.

19.5 - Watts per bulb of new LEDs.
In Founders Hall alone, 160 traditional incandescent light bulbs were replaced with LEDs, reducing the power usage from 250 watts per bulb.

What’s so cool about these new lightbulbs?

  • They’re more efficient! The new LEDs use 19.5 watts of power compared to 250 watts with traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • They last longer! Traditional incandescent light bulbs need to be replaced 2-3 times per year, after 1,000 hours of usage. The new LEDs are rated at 45,000 hours of lamp life, meaning we won’t need to replace them for 15 years!
  • They translate to big savings! In Founders Hall alone, our estimated annual energy cost will decrease from nearly $14,000 to just over $1,000. This easily makes up for the initial cost of the more expensive LED bulb.
  • They’re greener! In addition, we’ll use just 8 percent of the energy we’ve been consuming with incandescent bulbs. By replacing the bulbs in just these three rooms, we will save more than 136,000 kW hours of energy usage.

How much is 136,000 kW hours?

For perspective, the 136,000 kW hours of energy we’ll save with these new LED light bulbs is equal to:

  • 82 barrels of oil
  • 56,000 tons of coal

But we’re not done yet! Over the next several months, our Exhibits and Facilities Team will swap out incandescent bulbs with LEDs in many of SCI’s other spaces. See if you notice a difference the next time you visit!

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