Getting in tune with nature with iEARTH camp

iEARTH is a partnership between the Science Center of Iowa and Des Moines Park and Recreation

iEARTH is a partnership between the Science Center of Iowa and Des Moines Park and Recreation

By: David Drucker, 2012 iEARTH counselor

At iEARTH camp, we believe that nature is a very important aspect of life and that all children should be given the opportunity to have a hands-on nature experience.

As we’ve been going through these past few weeks of iEARTH camp, we do our best to introduce new knowledge to the children about a variety of aspects about nature. From Pre-K to 2nd grade, there are a few subjects that we like to focus on. Those subjects include The Wonders of Nature, The Green on Plants, Animal Antics, Birding Around and I Wanna ROCK. We take each of these categories and go into great detail.

Each day, we find specific activities that reflect what and how we learn the material. For example, for The Green on Plants, we have created a song called “Be the Leaf” which reflects the life of a plant starting from a seed. Another example is animal tracks. We let the children create animals tracks of their own based on some animals we might see around Iowa.

As counselors of the iEARTH camp, our overall goal is to make sure the kids are informed about nature and that they are learning at least one new thing each and every week! To check their comprehension on the material for the day, we create individual nature journals. Theses journals are personalized for each student. In the last 45 minutes of camp each day, we give kids time to add significant drawings about something they found interesting in nature!

As important as learning is in camp, fun is also a top priority of iEARTH camps! We have a least one adventure every day during our nature walks throughout Greenwood Park. On these walks, we provide general knowledge about the things we see in nature, and it gives the kids an opportunity to explore around nature and see what they can find! Another perk of these walks is that the kids get to learn fun camp songs and just enjoy being outside with a group of children having a fantastic time!

iEARTH camp is a very enjoyable camp for the kids, and it gets them in tune with nature!

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David Drucker is a 2012 iEARTH camp counselor at SCI.

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