Kids say the nerdiest things!

We hear some pretty funny things out of the mouths of children (and adults) at SCI! This is our quote board.

We hear some pretty funny things out of the mouths of children (and adults) at SCI! This is our quote board.

By: Emilee Richardson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kids say some hilarious things. They're innocent and naive, and they pretty much say whatever they're thinking. Add in some complicated science principles, and it's a recipe for giggle-inducing greatness!

Our SCI Programs Team has a whiteboard where they keep some of the most memorable quotes, and I wanted to share them with you. While doing my research, I discovered that for the past five years, each time the board filled up, someone would transcribe the quotes for safe-keeping before it was erased. I found the folder containing these notes and spent almost two hours in the office by myself laughing out loud.

Here's a sampling of some of our favorites:

During a live science program

SCI presenter during Cold Blooded Critters: "This is an ornate box turtle. Have you ever seen a turtle in the wild?"
Young girl: "I eat turtles!"
Parents (horrified): "NO SHE DOESN'T!!"

Girl, after getting off the Van de Graaff generator during Zap: "Man, that made me feel weird... like a nerd!"

SCI presenter during Fire & Ice: "What happens when water gets really, really hot?"
Young girl: "You get to make mac & cheese!!"

SCI presenter before turning on the Tesla coil during Zap: "Does anyone have a pacemaker or other life-saving electronic device?"
Concerned young girl: "Daddy! You have your Blackberry!!" 

10-year-old boy during Crazy Chemistry: "So what you're really saying is that science is fun?!"

Overheard on the floor

Mother points out an SCI presenter holding a snake. 6-year-old girl replies: "Mom, I have no time for these limbless creatures."

SCI presenter: "So... do you have any favorite planets?"
Young girl: "Yeah, in our garden, we have cucumbers and carrots and red peppers!"

Young boy during a temper tantrum: "I am not going to the bathroom until I LEARN SCIENCE!!!''

While on Outreach visits

3rd grade boy pointing at SCI presenter as she sets up for a program: "LOOK GUYS - It's science! It's science in that room!! Awesome!!!"

SCI presenter: "Can anyone give me an example of a natural disaster?"
6-year-old boy: "Puppies... in the rain."

Adults are funny too

Grown man, looking at plasma ball: "Ooh! They have one of those touchy-looky things!"

Father, to his 7-year-old son, as our Exhibits Team works on the engine block: "And this is men using tools to fix an exhibit about tools. We call this 'irony.'"

General SCI fun

6-year-old boy: "I can see why this place isn't called The BORING Center!"

SCI presenter: "What are the six different types of simple machines?"
Boy: "...a wedgie?"
(*For the record, the six types are: a lever, inclined plane, wheel and axle, screw, pulley and WEDGE.) 

And finally, a quote so good we turned it into a marketing slogan: "Science is fun until it gets messy... Then it's AWESOME!"

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