Portal scientist and SCI volunteer joins Board of Directors

Laura Higgins, Ph.D. Research Director for Insect Trait Development at DuPont Pioneer

Laura Higgins, Ph.D. Research Director for Insect Trait Development at DuPont Pioneer

When Laura Higgins joined the SCI Board of Directors in March, it was merely an extension of her ongoing efforts to support the organization.

She brought with her a very special ally: T-Bone, the Madagascar hissing cockroach. Both Laura and T-Bone remain active in a variety of SCI events, including Girls in Science, $5 Family Nights, Portal to the Public and Café Scientifique.

"I have loved SCI for a long time," Higgins said. "It's very accessible and provides a fantastic focal point for science education and knowledge for all age groups." In her profession as an entomologist, Higgins said she often talks to people who fear insects. "SCI gives me an opportunity to cultivate an interest in insects before the fear kicks in."

"I have a responsibility as a scientist to cultivate interest and teach people how to find answers. People deal with scientific topics every day, and they often fear what they don't understand. I help people appreciate their surroundings and find a comfort level with things that previously have been confusing or hard."

Higgins finds the Girls in Science education and programming offered by SCI vital. "Many girls fall out of interest with math and science early in life. We need a format to encourage them to stay interested, and Girls in Science gives us that opportunity. I tell those girls to find something they are passionate about, talk to as many people as they can about it and learn from people who share their passion. Success finds people who are passionate about what they do."

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