RAWR! How to T. rex -proof a museum

3 semi trucks + 11 staff + 38 crates = one BIG exhibit!

3 semi trucks + 11 staff + 38 crates = one BIG exhibit!

By: Allison Schwanebeck, SCI Exhibits Director

RAWR! Something big is coming to SCI!  

If you haven't heard, A T. rex Named Sue opens at SCI on February 2. Our planning process has been quite fun, and you can probably imagine the dinosaur and T. rex jokes that have filled our office. (Including this URL redirect: www.sciowa.org/rawr)

But before we introduce Sue to the public, we have a lot of work to accomplish... We have to T. rex -proof the museum! 

Winter Closure: January 22-25

SCI will be closed next Tuesday through Friday for annual maintenance and cleaning as well as to get ready for our dino-sized visitor. We're also going to be doing many construction and exhibit projects. 

Why close? Well, there are some projects that are just too big to do while we're open to the public!

When we reopen, the biggest change you'll see is the removal of the wall in Founders Hall (what the staff refers to 'the big purple wall'). The wall was installed to allow us to bring large traveling exhibits such as Da Vinci: the Genius and Body Worlds: Vital  to Des Moines, but A T. rex Named Sue will be included with general admission, so a wall is no longer needed!  This change will be quite dramatic, and when you first walk into SCI, it will be BAM! DINOSAUR! (Well, at least while Sue is here 'til May 12...)  

Other things on our agenda:

  • Constructing a large dig pit for the exhibit
  • Making repairs and cleaning to our much-loved permanent exhibits (Can you imagine the impact 200,000+ visitors can make in a year?)

Planning for the future

While Sue is at SCI, we will continue the planning and design for the reinstallation of one of our permanent exhibits. I can’t give too much away now, but stay tuned for more details.

Make sure to stop by and say hi to Sue between February 2 and May 12! She can’t wait to eat…I mean *meet* you!

Allison Schwanebeck is SCI’s Exhibits Director. This is a recent promotion from her role as Traveling Exhibits Manager. Allison has worked at SCI since June 2007, when she started as a Programs Presenter.