Science is Complex... And so is Bacon.

Science is Complex... And so is Bacon.

Since announcing Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Jr., a family-friendly event that will teach science education through the mysteries of bacon, we have received feedback from members of the community, some positive and some negative. So, we wanted to take a minute to share our thoughts with you.

Most importantly, our intention with this event is to blend the mission of the Science Center of Iowa (SCI), to engage Iowans along their journey of lifelong science learning, with our community’s highly popular celebration of bacon, a food product that has its roots in the heart and soul of Iowa.

As a science museum, we look for opportunities to make science learning both interesting and entertaining. Our Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Jr. event does just that. As a scientific institution, however, we also recognize our responsibility to be a resource of information that helps engage our citizens in scientific discussions that are often controversial. We understand that nothing in science is as simple as it may appear… not even bacon.

SCI is a place to learn about science, whether that’s by engaging with an exhibit or convening for lively discussion. It’s a place that encourages and supports informed and personal choices, no matter where you land on a controversial science topic.

To that end, we turned to Leo Landis, a guest presenter for Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Jr. for additional resources on the topic of pork production and bacon.

Leo has earned the local title of “Bacon Professor.” He grew up in Clive on acreage with chickens and earned a degree in history from Iowa State University (ISU). Landis later worked at Living History Farms, where he had had the opportunity to work with pigs and make bacon. In 2006, he offered a class entitled, “All About Bacon” through both Des Moines Public Schools and Living History Farms. While Landis is currently employed as Museum Curator for the State Historical Museum of Iowa, his love of bacon has endured. We also turned to ISU to share their resources on the many types of pork production in Iowa.

We have assembled these resources at www.sciowa.org/baconresources/. If we haven’t provided what you are looking for, please give us a call at 515-274-6868 ext. 238. We know we can connect you to the information you need.

Finally, if you’ve made a choice not to eat bacon, we respect that. Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Jr. is just one of many events at SCI, and we sincerely hope you will visit on another day to continue your journey of lifelong science learning through a topic that may be of more personal interest to you. A listing of upcoming events can be found at www.sciowa.org/calendar.

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