This summer, "Making" comes to SCI!

This summer, "Making" comes to SCI!

By: Allison Schwanebeck, SCI Exhibits Director

SCI is excited to announce that we have been selected by the Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) as 2014 Maker Corps site! 

Maker Ed’s mission is to create more opportunities for young people to develop confidence, creativity and spark an interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts and learning as a whole through making. 

SCI is fairly new to the Maker movement, but we believe making can be a great way of engaging new and existing audiences. The prototyping, testing, experimenting, invention and innovation that is present in Making helps further SCI’s mission of engaging and inspiring Iowans along their lifelong journey of science learning.

SCI is planning on summer 2014 to be a "Summer of Making." We hope to engage and teach the community about Making throughout the summer, culminating in a Mini Maker Faire. 

Join the team... join the Maker Corps!

Through our participation in the Maker Corps program, we are excited to have two Maker Corps Members to join the SCI team. Maker Corps Members will be a key part of our programming and will be working closely with our education department to develop and facilitate Making opportunities and activities.   Additionally, SCI is looking to develop a volunteer maker program with our Maker Corps Members so that Making at SCI can continue year-round! 

What is it like to be part of the SCI team? We are really passionate about learning and sharing our knowledge with our visitors... and with each other. It is fairly common to hear the phrase "Experiment Time!" come across the radio or be sent out to staff via email. When this happens, most of our staff take a break from their day to see the latest experiment that is being prototyped. Past experiment times have included exploding pumpkins, melting pennies with an old television screen and, most recently, a blow-torch made out of bacon. 

It is our hope that our Maker Corps Members will not only engage our public audience, but share their passion for making with our staff and help us foster a culture of making within our organization.   We expect you to geek out and share about what you have made, learned or when you’ve had a meaningful experience with a visitor.  

Interested in applying to be a Maker Corps Member? Visit   http://www.makered.org/makercorps/ to learn more and apply. The all for applications is open February 3 through March 21!

Allison Schwanebeck is SCI’s Exhibits Director. Allison has worked at SCI since June 2007 and has served in prior roles as Programs Presenter and Traveling Exhibits Manager.

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