Young inventor hopes to inspire others to join Making movement

Young inventor hopes to inspire others to join Making movement

By Taylor Soule

Marc Trepanier is eager to share his Canine Cabana invention at the Des Moines Mini Maker Faire on Monday, September 1, but he’s more interested in sharing something else: the magic — and accessibility — of Making.

The 14-year-old inventor subscribes to “Make” magazine and had long hoped to attend a Maker Faire. When he heard about the first-ever Des Moines Mini Maker Faire at the Science Center of Iowa, three words immediately crossed his mind.

“When I realized there was one right here in Des Moines, I said, ‘Why not register?’” Trepanier said.

While the Maker Faire provides an innovative, cutting-edge environment to exhibit the Canine Cabana, Trepanier hopes his invention serves more than dogs — he hopes it inspires new Makers to join the nationwide movement of creativity and resourcefulness.  

“If you show what you can do, they’ll realize, ‘Hey, I can do that. Maybe this isn’t so hard. If I just think about it a little bit, maybe I’ll be able to do it,’” Trepanier said. “People decide to get a subscription to the magazine, decide to go to a Maker Faire, decide to participate in that Maker Faire, and it just continues from there. That’s where it all starts.”


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