Blank IMAX® Dome Theater

SCI's six-story Blank IMAX Dome Theater

Don’t just watch a film.  Experience the big picture! The six-story dome-shaped screen wraps you in larger than life images that surround your field of view, front-to-back and top-to-bottom.  The 12,000-watt digital surround sound system lets you hear everything from a tiny drop of rain to a huge clap of thunder with crystal clarity.  From sight to sound, this 216-seat theater is designed to challenge your natural sensory perception with a uniquely immersive movie experience!

IMAX Films and Showtimes

Blank IMAX Dome Theater Fun Facts

  • The length of film that feeds through the IMAX projector for a 45-minute Documentary Film about 3 miles long, and can be 10 miles or longer for Hollywood films.
  • The rows of seats in the theater are set at a steep angle of 35 degrees, so you always face the screen directly no matter where you sit.
  • In order to maximize the image viewing area, IMAX film does not include an embedded soundtrack.  SCI’s IMAX Team manually syncs audio with video when building films prior to opening.
  • The Blank IMAX Dome Theater was specially designed with three feet of layered insulation to ensure sounds from the nearby train tracks and airport cannot be heard inside.
  • The IMAX large-format film is generically called "15/70" which refers to the 15 sprockets, or holes, located on each frame of 70 mm-size film.  Prior to the evolution of digital projection in traditional movie theaters, the film used was 35 mm – IMAX film is twice that size!

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