Cafe Scientifique

The Science Center of Iowa presents a FREE science-based program for adults and young adults!

"Cafe Sci" events are happening all over the world. On the second Tuesday of each month, SCI invites the community to join the conversation over cocktails and coffee. We are committed to hosting leaders in science and technology to engage you in meaningful and relevant topics in an informal setting. Each event begins with an introduction and background of the topic by the featured presenter and concludes with an open forum for questions and discussion. Come relax or get involved!

Cafe Sci events take place on the second Tuesday of each month from 5:30-7:00 pm. Locations vary.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming Cafe Sci events:

  • December 9 – West Africa & Ebola: A Healthcare Perspective
    Jasper Winery, 2400 George Flagg Pkwy, Des Moines, IA
    Presenter: Marcus Alan Barlow, Program Coordinator, Integrated Health Homes at Child Health Specialty Clinics
    With Ebola headlines racing across our screens and newspapers, one has to wonder: What truly is happening in West Africa? What’s different about the region’s healthcare system, and how does that affect the spread of infectious disease? Join us as Marcus Alan Barlow recounts his firsthand experience in the West African nation of Gambia, and gain insight into the region’s deadly Ebola crisis.
  • January 13– Counting Votes: The Paradoxical Mathematics of Elections
    Location: Jasper Winery, 2400 George Flagg Pkwy, Des Moines, IA
    Presenter: Dr. Russ Goodman, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Central College
    There are many methods for the counting of votes in an election… and none of them are entirely fair. Join us to explore these methods through a variety of examples, including an in-depth look at the intriguing election of 1860. Could a different voting scheme have prevented the Civil War?

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About Cafe Sci:

  • Events are free to the general public; Coffee, beverages or appetizers are usually available for purchase
  • Many events are held off-site at restaurants, cafes and other venues
  • No scientific background is necessary, just an interest in the topic at hand
  • All ages are welcome but content is geared for adults and young adults
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Interested in presenting a topic or hosting an event? Inquire at or (515) 274-6868 ext. 234