Pint Size Science

Discover the wonders of science in monthly classes designed specifically for young explorers and their families!

Led by an SCI Programs Team member, this interactive classroom experience offered September through May allows young explorers to discover the world around them through fun, hands-on activities they can share with a parent or caregiver. 

2017-2018 Classes

Pint Size Science classes are now offered for two age groups of younger explorers! 

  • Pint Size Science (ages 4-6)
    Led by an SCI Programs Team member, this interactive classroom experience offered September through May allows young explorers ages 4 to 6 to discover the world around them through fun, hands-on activities they can share with a parent or caregiver. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 am. On Saturdays, a members-only class is offered at 9:00 am.
  • Toddler Edition (ages 22 months - 3 years)
    Toddler Edition classes use hands-on, sensory activities to engage young explorers ages 22 months - 3 years in science topics. Classes are taught by accredited teachers from the SCI Preschool and are held on Wednesdays at 9:00 am.

Pint Size Science Classes:

  • September 13 & 16: Butterfly Bonanza
    Where do butterflies come from? Investigate this fascinating insect’s life cycle. Learn about different kinds of butterflies from around the world.
  • October 11 & 14: Dino Bones
    Explore what it's like to be a paleontologist. Search for dinosaur bones and learn what fossils can tell us about these prehistoric creatures.
  • November 8 & 11: Messin’ Around
    Did you know that art can be a science? Blow bubbles to create a masterpiece, create your own paint brush and discover how to change a pendulum into a painting tool.
  • December 13 & 16: Robokid
    Are you curious about how robots work? Explore early coding skills and design a robot obstacle course.
  • January 10 & 13: Superhero Science
    Faster than a speeding train, stronger than an elephant, smaller than an ant…. Learn about the science behind the powers of your favorite superheroes. Then, discover your own powers as you create your own alter ego!
  • February 7 & 10: Blast Off!
    Take off into the clouds, with your own paper airplane. Learn different ways to engineer the best plane to go the distance. Be challenged to create a rocket that will go high into the sky.
  • March 7 & 10: “Chompsaurus”
    Are you as hungry as a dinosaur? Explore dinosaur teeth and learn how they used them. Discover which dinosaurs ate plants and which dinosaurs at meat.
  • April 11 & 14: Water Wonders
    Can you imagine what water can do? Water comes down from the sky, carves through dirt, powers electricity and even hydrates our bodies. Investigate the strength of water and how important it is to our earth and us.
  • May 9 & 12: Backyard Safari
    Who lives in your backyard? Investigate animals that live just out your back door, near your swing set or in your garden.

Toddler Edition Classes:

  • September 13: Curious Caterpillars
    Baby insects are fascinating. They can be fuzzy, sticky, wiggly and tickle your fingers when you touch them. Come and interact with these tiny creatures, explore how they move and what they like to do.
  • October 11: Dino Dig
    Explore dinosaur fossils by digging them up. Try your hand at using new tools for digging and for exposing small parts of bones. Then create your own fossils with moldable dough. 
  • November 8: Mix It Up
    Dump it, pour it, scoop it!  Who likes to make a mess of things? Discover what happens when you mix paint with flour, shaving cream with glue or maybe water with oil. 
  • December 13: I-Toddler
    Immerse into early robotics and programming. Play games that express concepts of coding at its simplest.  Play with robots, discover what they can do and how you can control them. 
  • January 10: Building Up and Down
    What goes up, must come down. How can you construct the highest tower? Investigate how to create a tall building and explore different ways of knocking it down. 
  • February 7: POP!
    Bubbles are exciting. They can be huge and very tiny. Explore how bubbles are made and how they pop.  Find out about other things that go POP!
  • March 7: Dino Teeth & Tails
    Dinosaurs have jaws that were bigger than our bodies and smaller than our fingers.  Discover what it would have been like to be a dinosaur, and be challenged to walk around with a tail.
  • April 11: Water Explorers
    Discover how water travels and changes in the cold and hot. Explore water traveling through different materials and experiment with different sized containers.
  • May 9: Wiggly, Squiggly Worms
    Investigate worms in their natural habitat, observe them wiggling and digging in the dirt. Learn about what worms eat and why there are so many out after it rains.


Pint Size Science classes are limited to 16 students per class, and Toddler Edition classes are limited to 12 students. Pre-registration is encouraged to reserve your spot.

To register or for more information, call the Sales Office at (515) 274-6868.

Pricing (Includes SCI admission for one child and one adult on the day of your class)

  • SCI Members = $10 per child
  • Non-members = $19 per child

Register for Classes

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