Pint Size Science

Discover the wonders of science in monthly classes designed specifically for young explorers ages 3 to 5 and their families!

Led by an SCI Programs Team member, this interactive classroom experience offered September through May allows young explorers to discover the world around them through fun, hands-on activities they can share with a parent or caregiver. 

Pick a time that works for you! Each month, Pint Size Science features a different theme and multiple class options for you to fit your busy schedule.

2016-2017 Classes

  • September 15 & 17 — Digging Dinos
    We know you love dinosaurs, and so do we! Find out how dinosaurs lived, how we find their bones and who the people are who study them. Dinosaurs rock!
  • October 13 & 15 — Wellness Warriors
    What can we do to help our bodies stay healthy? Find out about eating right, staying active and using healthy habits. Discover the germs that live all around us and how to keep from getting sick!
  • November 10 & 12 — Sounds Like Science
    Ever wonder how sound travels from someone's mouth to another person's ear? This class will explore the science of sound waves. Make fake waves, check out different tones, and create your very own instrument. Make some noise for this great class!
  • December 8 & 10 — Out of this World
    Blast off into this amazing adventure. Visit our planetary neighbors, find pictures in our sky, eat food just like an astronaut, and create your very own stellar constellation. Gear up for an out-of-this-world adventure!
  • January 12 & 14 — Construction Junction
    Get your hard hats on for this hands-on building jamboree. Explore different building materials to make your very own creation. You can even help Professor Pint Size build a fantastic fort!
  • February 9 & 11 — SCI's Laboratory
    Do you know someone who's always asking "why?" They're already acting like scientists, and this class is for them! We'll learn what observations are, discover different kinds of scientists and get a chance to make chemical reactions happen!
  • March 9 & 11 — Puddle Jumpers
    Hop on in to this fun-filled class! Learn about the animals that live in the water and how we can help our underwater neighbors stay healthy. Meet amphibians, and figure out how to move like they do!
  • April 13 & 15 — Superhero Science
    Faster than a speeding train, stronger than an elephant, smaller than an ant... Learn about the science behind the powers of your favorite superheroes. Then, discover your own powers as you create your own alter ego! Evil villains don't stand a chance!
  • May 11 & 13 — Following Flutters
    Follow your favorite insects on their path to pollination. Find out how bees communicate, explore how caterpillars change into butterflies, and find some bugs in our SCI backyard!


Pricing per class: $10 SCI Members / $19 Non-members

Each class lasts approximately one hour, and general admission to SCI the day of your class is included with registration. Pre-registration is encouraged prior to each session.

To register or for more information, call the Sales Office at (515) 274-6868.

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