Early Childhood Programs

Invest in a great start!

Our littles today are tomorrow’s inventors and problem solvers. SCI's early childhood programs inspire wonder and curiosity in young children and give parents/caregivers the confidence to support their child's learning - because attitudes developed early on lay the groundwork for lifelong learning!

SCI's early childhood programs include:

  • Pint Size SciencePint Size Science classes provide stepping stones for early learners to explore science topics and help parents/caregivers feel more confident being a STEM coach for their child. Developmentally appropriate classes are held for little learners ages 9 months to 5 years.
  • Family STEM Institute – A child's parent is their first teacher. Support your child's natural curiosity and help shape their attitudes toward STEM with Family STEM Institute! Workshops give parents/caregivers tools and tips to integrate STEM learning into your daily life.
  • Early Childhood Camps – Science camps help children form friendships and develop a love for science early on. The SCI Preschool operates Summer and Winter Camps as well as full-day summer classes to encourage young explorers to question how and why things happen and discover the answers through experimentation.
  • SCI Preschool – At the SCI Preschool, little learners flourish! Exceptional teachers certified in early childhood inspire the whole child with hands-on learning designed especially for them. Part-day and full-day classes are offered for 3- and 4-year-olds.

The science behind early childhood education

Early engagement in STEM is proven to encourage development of positive attitudes, values and lifelong habits about STEM content. In the future, our nation will need a population that is STEM literate. In fact, it is needed now! Our workforce is ever-changing, and some say we are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. How can we equip our children for this future? 

Research tells us that children’s adult caregivers are critical in the education trajectory of their young children. The adults' attitudes and values around STEM will directly influence their child more than anything in their child’s preschooling and schooling years. 

Through early childhood programs, SCI will empower caregivers and their children to:

  1. Inspire curiosity and wonder
  2. Infuse STEM in everday life
  3. Overcome misconceptions about STEm learning and careers

SCI staff will provide caregivers and their children developmentally appropriate STEM learning experiences at SCI and resources to train habits of the mind around STEM at home.