It's the Greatest Show (And Tell) On Earth!

Maker Faire is a showcase of inventors, performers and Makers across the state. You'll see technical creations, robotic inventions, DIY science and more! Included with general admission.

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Must-see, must-do, must-HEAR!

Through sensory-stimulating activities, you'll not only hear the music that surrounds you every day, but you'll see and even feel it, too.

Exhibit included with SCI admission.

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Friday, September 2 @ 5:30pm

Mix. Mingle. Music. Science. Mix up your Friday night & experience SCI - without the kids. Grab a cocktail, enjoy live music and science programming. Admission is just $5!

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Now Showing in IMAX!

Explore the wilds of America and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park System in this giant screen film as big as the outdoors.

Film length: 40 minutes

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It's much more than an exhibit... It's a mindset!

Join us to learn what it means to be a Maker — not just a consumer — this summer at SCI. The Makers Studio exhibit is open now!

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Today's Schedule Wednesday August 31, 2016