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Friday March 11, 2016

  • Spring Break at SCI
  • All Day 
  • Forget road trips… We’re taking Spring Break by rocket — all the way to space! Visit the Science Center of Iowa March 11-21 for a celebration of all things celestial, featuring Star Theater planetarium programming, special Star Dome demonstrations and out-of-this-world activities. It’s a big year in astronomy, and SCI started 2016 with a space milestone of its own: the grand reopening of the Star Theater planetarium. With a trip to SCI, you can travel anywhere in the galaxy this Spring Break!

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  • Recognizing Race: A Stacked System
  • 6:00 PM 
  • The psychology and sociology of race inform our everyday lives in complex, often subtle ways, fueling prejudices and snap judgments of which we may not even be aware. Systems create order in our society but can likewise perpetuate deeply rooted cultural problems, including institutionalized racism. Trends in healthcare, crime and incarceration illustrate the pitfalls of established systems and the damaging attitudes they can unintentionally preserve.

    Join psychology, sociology and education professionals for a thought-provoking discussion on institutionalized racism and how they’re working to combat it from inside the system through education and prevention.

    Each event opens with the opportunity to experience the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibition from 5:00-6:00 pm for a discounted rate. Or join us at 6:00 pm for the free panel discussion.

    The Recognizing Race series is a partnership between the Science Center of Iowa and Iowa State University.

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