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Tuesday June 5, 2012

  • Transit of Venus
  • 5:00 PM 
  • Location: State Capitol Complex near the “Shattering Silence” sculpture.

    Join staff from SCI and the Des Moines Astronomical Society to view a transit of Venus, an astronomical phenomenon that won't happen again for another 105 years! SCI will have telescopes with solar filters for you to safely view the transit. The transit will begin around 5:00 pm and last until approximately 8:45 pm.

    What is a transit of Venus?
    A transit of Venus occurs when the planet Venus passes directly between the Sun and Earth, causing Venus to become visible against a small portion of the solar disk. During such a transit, Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the Sun.

    You won't want to miss this event - the last transit of Venus occurred on June 8, 2004, the next one will not happen until December 11, 2117!

    This event is in partnership with the Des Moines Astronomical Society.

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