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Tuesday December 12, 2017

  • Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family
  • All Day 
  • If you think you know T. rex... think again!

    Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family explores the 100-million-year history of these diverse dinosaurs and their lasting impact on our planet. Fossils, cast skeletons, interactive exhibit components, immersive activities and a hands-on dig pit offer visitors a look at some of the greatest discoveries in paleontology.

    Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family was developed by the Australian Museum and is toured internationally by Flying Fish. Locally, the Presenting Sponsor is EMC Insurance and Exhibit Partner is Nationwide.

    SCI will host the exhibition through April 22, 2018. Details at

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  • Meet Stuffee
  • 10:30 AMJohn Deere Adventure Theater
  • Young visitors can explore how the human body works with a large, soft sculpture doll.  This program and location is subject to change. Program and location subject to change.

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  • Two Small Pieces of Glass
  • 11:00 AMStar Theater
  • Go on an adventure though history to learn about the creation of the telescope and the discoveries this invention has helped humanity make!

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  • Crazy Chemistry
  • 11:30 AMJohn Deere Adventure Theater
  • Come check out the colorful, ooey-gooey and other fun experiments we'll mix up.  Program and location subject to change.

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  • WHO-HD Live Weather Forecast
  • 12:00 PMWHO-HD Weather Studio
  • Here’s your chance to help a WHO-HD Ch. 13 meteorologist give today’s live forecast as you learn about weather! Program and location subject to change.

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  • First Alert Storm School, WHO-HD Channel 13
  • 1:00 PMWHO-HD Weather Studio
  • Experiment with a Channel 13 meteorologist to learn the whys behind our weather. Program and location subject to change.

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  • Cretaceous Conversations
  • 1:30 PMJohn Deere Adventure Theater
  • Join SCI Programs Presenters and Special Guest: Rufio the Struthiomimus to discover what it means to be a dinosaur!

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  • Zap
  • 2:30 PMJohn Deere Adventure Theater
  • Investigate the world of electrons and electricity for a hair-raising experience! Program and location subject to change.

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  • Seven Wonders
  • 3:30 PMStar Theater
  • Tour the Seven Wonders of the World as well as some of the greatest wonders of our universe and beyond!

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  • Cafe Scientifique
  • 5:30 PM 
  • On the second Tuesday of the month, SCI invites the community to join the conversation over cocktails and coffee! Café Scientifique features cutting edge, adult-oriented science forums with leaders in science and technology.

    Presentations are FREE for all ages. No prior subject knowledge is necessary to attend - just an interest in the topic at hand! For more information, visit

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