Scale-Up: Pint Size Science

The Science Center of Iowa's Pint Size Science program provides a platform for young children to explore science in a highly-engaging, interactive and safe manner.

Educators can apply to bring this program to their classroom for free through the Iowa Governor's STEM Scale-Up Program.

Apply online at by March 5.


Grade Levels: PreK - 2

Program Summary:

The revised Pint Size Science introduces children to STEM topics through discovery learning. Using a hands-on approach that engages and inspires young minds to explore scientific phenomena, the program works to not only build science understanding but also respond to the ever-changing interests and abilities of children.

The new Pint Size Science kit includes four modules for each implementer. All participants will receive the introductory module, "Science Sprouts," which serves as an introduction to the STEM fields and scientific investigation. Recognizing the need to be flexible to existing school curriculum, materials and needs of organizations, schools and students, Pint Size Science allows LEA’s to pick the remaining three modules to complete their set of instructional materials. Implementers choose one module from each of the following groups:

Group 1

  • Bits and Bots provides a beginning step for students in learning programming and coding.
  • Colorful Chemistry introduces young learners to the three phases of matter found on earth; solids, liquids and gases.
  • Tiny Tinkerers brings the Maker Movement to the early childhood learning environment.

Group 2

  • Classifying Creatures develops math skills in sorting and classifying as children observe and compare features of a variety of animals and insects. 
  • Mini Meteorologist inspires students to measure and understand the weather happening around us.
  • Homes and Habitats challenges students to think about where different animals live based on their environments.

Group 3

  • Exploring Engineering continues children’s natural curiosity in to how things work.
  • Push and Pull investigates the forces that cause motion.
  • Fascinating Farmers brings the world of agriculture to young children.

Additionally, each Pint Size Science session includes a literacy component, where every class reads a book that pulls together the most important ideas of the STEM topic being discussed. Fundamental mathematical skills are also reinforced through activities, including counting, numbering and recognizing geometrical shapes.

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What is provided by the project:

  • A kit for four curriculum modules which  includes lesson plans with opportunities for adaptations to the needs of local audiences

  • All necessary supplies and materials to conduct each program module

  • Professional development training to create deeper connections and instructional techniques to implement a STEM rich environment with a focus on inquiry, project-based learning, questioning & evaluation of student learning

  • Access to the Pint Size Science website which contains additional resources, including a variety of videos and assessments

  • Multiple webinar sessions throughout the year to allow for continued professional development and collaboration amongst implementers

For questions about Pint Size Science, contact:, 515-274-6868 ext. 225

What is a “Scale-Up Program”?

With the top priority of boosting student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council each year approves 14 high-quality STEM education programs that are offered to schools, after-school programs and other settings for grades pre-K through 12.

School districts, non-public schools, after-school programs and other active learning communities that serve students can bring these Scale-Up programs to their classrooms or organizations at no cost through a fully-funding award program. If selected, these institutions receive kits that include all curriculum and materials needed to implement the program with their students.

How to apply:

Local Education Agencies (or “LEAs”) may apply to bring Scale-Up programs to their schools or organizations for the 2018-2019 school year. The current application period is through March 5, 2018.

"LEA" is defined as any school (public, private or home school association), a Boy/Girl Scout troop, a 4-H Club, library, a childcare organization or any organization that works with youth—formally or informally.

Applications must be submitted by March 5, 2018.
Awards will be announced mid-April.

Apply online at

For questions about Scale-Up or Iowa STEM, contact: Sarah Derry,, 515-271-2403

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