School Chaperone Policy

School Chaperone Policy

SCI requires a 1:10 school staff chaperone to student ratio. School staff receive free general admission when accompanying a school visit. 

Additional Adults & Parents

If your school allows additional adults or parents to join on your visit to SCI, we ask that you limit the number attending. SCI cannot guarantee space for additional adults or parents to join your school during scheduled lunches, science demonstrations and other additional scheduled programming outside of the confirmed number of students and adults paid for by the school.

Starting school year 2023-2024, if your school plans on allowing parents to attend, parents will need to pay at the Visitor Services Desk when they arrive that day. Parents will be charged a reduced fee of $7 for general admission.

Parents are not considered chaperones for your visit unless they are part of your 1:10 teacher/chaperone to student ratio.