Star Parties

From common astronomical occurrences to rare cosmic phenomena, join us to learn about our solar system and beyond.

Join SCI staff and volunteers to observe celestial objects, colorful double stars and star clusters, meteor showers and more through high-powered telescopes! Engage with stargazing guides to investigate the science of our solar system. Each event has a unique focus!

Upcoming Star Parties

  • Saturday, June 19, 9:00 am-12:00 pm at SCI
    Solar telescope viewing during the Downtown Des Moines Farmers' Market
  • Thursday, July 8, 9:30-11:30 pm at Ewing Park Lilac Arboretum
    Binocular viewing: Exploring the Summer Triangle (Plus: "Iowa Skies Tonight" program)
  • Thursday, July 29, 9:30-11:30 pm at SCI
  • Saturday, August 14, 6:00-11:00 pm at Ewing Park Lilac Arboretum
    Perseid Meteor Shower
  • Thursday, September 2, 8:30-10:30 pm at SCI

PLEASE NOTE: Star Parties are weather dependent and are subject to cancellation. Check the SCI website and Facebook for updates on the event.

Star Parties are offered through a partnership with Des Moines Parks & Recreation. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact volunteer@sciowa.org.

This project/material is based upon work supported by the Iowa Space Grant Consortium under NASA Award No. 80NSSC20M0107.