Outreach Programs

Bring the excitement of SCI to your classroom or assembly!

SCI's outreach programs support the Iowa Core and National Science Standards and are accurate, relevant and fun. 

Assembly Programs

Assembly programs are a lively way to engage both your classroom and groups of up to 250 students. 

  • Simply Electrifying | Sponsored by MidAmerican Energy

    Explore the exciting world of electricity! Join an SCI program presenter for hair-raising demonstrations that illustrate what electricity is and how it moves - and get some reminders about how to interact with electricity safely. 

    This 30 minute program is great for early elementary audiences, and it's available at no cost to schools thanks to the generous support from MidAmerican Energy.

  • Boom!

    Why do things explode? We'll explore the interactions of pressure, temperature and states of matter to explain why things pop, bang or blow up. Experiment with ultra-cold liquid nitrogen and combustible gases in this spectacular assembly. Reinforces National Science Standards: Science as Inquiry and Physical Science.

Classroom Programs

Classroom demonstrations provide more personalized exploration for groups of 30 or fewer.

  • Three Little Engineers

    We have all heard the story of the Three Little Pigs, but now it’s time to live it! Join us on an engineering adventure, and see if your constructions can stand up to the wolf’s huffing and puffing! Reinforces National Science Standards: Science as Inquiry and Physical Science.

  • Global Soundscapes

    What do vibrations look like in slow motion? How do animals use sound to survive? What do sounds tell us about the health of our planet? Join our Science Learning Team to learn how the sounds around us can tell us more than we think about the environment in this interactive presentation!

  • Oceans of Space and Time

    Did you know that Iowa was once a coral paradise? Learn how we can use the patterns found on Earth to find oceans throughout our own solar system and beyond — fossils, geysers, clouds, rivers, and more!

Mobile Planetarium

Space Restrictions for Mobile Planetarium

  • 24’ by 24’ Clean Indoor Floor Space 
  • 14’ Ceiling Clearance - at least 1’ clearance from fans, light or heat sources
  • Two (2) accessible grounded electrical outlets
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Handicap Accessible • Max capacity: 30-40 people [age dependent]