Homeschool Programs

Looking for experiences and programming that supplement your homechool science curriculum?

SCI homeschool programming supports the Iowa Core and National Science Standards and is accurate, relevant and fun! Your Science Center of Iowa experience will reflect the quality of our fully accredited institution, endorsed by AAM and ASTC.

Homeschool Science Series

With hands-on workshops for students and parents, the Homeschool Science Series is a unique opportunity for homeschoolers to enhance their curriculum through STEM programming led by SCI staff. Workshops also provide an opportunity for homeschoolers to share ideas and expand their network of like-minded learners.

Fall/Winter 2020-21 Theme: Digging Into Dinosaurs

In celebration of SCI hosting the traveling exhibit SUE: The T. rex Experiencedirectly from the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, our homeschool workshops will focus on dinosaurs, how they lived and how we find them.

Upcoming Workshops:

December 2, 9:15-10:15 am - Bones and Fossils
What are the different shapes and characteristics of bones? How do bones make fossils? What can fossils tell us about the past as well as the future? Register

December 9, 9:15-10:15 am - Adaptation
Why do some dinosaurs have such funny shapes? What ways did dinosaurs protect themselves? How are dinosaurs similar and different to animals that are alive today? Register

December 16, 9:15-10:15 am - Dinosaurs vs. Reptiles vs. Birds
What is the difference between the three? Are all dinosaurs reptiles? How are birds related to dinosaurs? Register

January 6, 9:15-10:15 am - SUE Extinction Event Party
What is special about SUE? What are the unique features of a T. rex? How has our understanding of T. rex changed over time? Why did they go extinct? During this workshop, participants will receive a docent tour of the SUE: The T. rex Experience exhibit. Register

Class Logistics & Safety Precautions

Homeschool Science Series workshops will take place in person at the Science Center of Iowa. To allow for social distancing and reduce the spread of germs, this year's sessions will be family focused. Family members will be seated together at individual tables and will share materials to work on projects and activities together.


  • SCI Members = $10 per child
  • Non-members = $19 per child

Registration includes workshop materials. Parents receive free workshop admission. 

Contact the Education Team at educators@sciowa.org.