Family & All-Ages Programs

Family Programs

Looking for a fun, innovative way to engage the whole family or an all-ages group? SCI offers events and programs that will bring learning to life for explorers of all ages!


  • Star Parties

    From common astronomical occurrences to rare cosmic phenomena, join SCI staff and community experts to learn about our solar system and beyond. Enjoy fun, hands-on activities while investigating the wonders of our universe! Our high-powered telescopes give stargazers a chance to see the sky as they never have before.

    Turn your eyes to the sky and let the Science Center of Iowa take you on a journey through the cosmos. Each event has a unique focus!

  • Sensory-Friendly Hours

    The Science Center of Iowa is an exciting place, bustling with sights and sounds... but we provide a quieter, less crowded experience during our sensory hours.