Event Calendar

Wednesday March 21 2018

  • Our youngest visitors can bring their imaginations as an SCI Programs Team member reads a special dinosaur-themed book under the starry skies. Program and location subject to change.

  • Join SCI Programs Presenters and special guest Rufio the Struthiomimus to discover what it means to be a dinosaur!

  • Here’s your chance to help a WHO-HD Channel 13 meteorologist give today’s live forecast as you learn about weather! Subject to change due to severe weather or technical difficulties.

  • Meet and get the chance to touch some of SCI’s resident reptiles and amphibians.

  • Have you ever wondered what Snippy the Snapping Turtle eats? Come check out a feeding demonstration of one of SCI’s most ravenous reptiles! The snapping turtle feeding may be too intense for some visitors.

  • Get chills and thrills from dry ice and liquid nitrogen!

  • Travel through time to witness the Space Race between the USA and USSR, and see the status of space travel today. Sponsored by NASA. Program and location subject to change.

  • Get an inside look into the work of an electrician. Learn about the flow of electrons and the components needed to complete a circuit. Investigate a variety of materials to discover characteristics of conductivity. Use what you have learned to create a paper circuit that you can take home. Follow up with a visit to Founder’s Hall to investigate circuit blocks.