Event Calendar

Tuesday December 11 2018

    • All Day
    • School/Group Traffic: LOW

    Note to SCI Visitors: Please be aware of school group attendance, which could impact your visit. Today's school group traffic is expected to be LOW. To avoid these groups, plan your visit later in the day! Schools typically depart the building by 2:00 pm.

  • Go on an adventure though history to learn about the creation of the telescope and the discoveries this invention has helped humanity make! Program and location subject to change.

  • Young visitors can explore how the human body works with a large, soft sculpture doll.

  • Here’s your chance to help a WHO-HD Channel 13 meteorologist give today’s live forecast as you learn about weather! Subject to change due to severe weather or technical difficulties.

  • Come check out the colorful, ooey-gooey and other fun experiments we'll mix up.  Program and location subject to change.

  • Locate constellations and planets, and hear myths of the night sky in this live planetarium program. Program and location subject to change.

  • Meet and get the chance to touch some of SCI’s resident reptiles and amphibians.

  • Your houseplants are talking... Are you listening?

    Whether you realize it or not, plants have an immense network of communication. When they receive stimuli from sunlight, water or a potential threat, each plant reacts in a distinct way

    Join the founders of PlantLed Creations, Jeremy Franklin and Gabe Scheid, to learn about their innovative technology that reads plants’ bioelectric rhythms and generates music and light from each unique signal. By giving our plants a new way to communicate, we can better understand how they react to stimuli, as well as the repercussions our actions have on plant life.