Meet the Makers: Laura Funk

Meet the Makers: Laura Funk

Hi! My name is Laura. I’m currently a student at Iowa State University working on a master’s degree in communication, and I have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. My goal when I graduate is to be a science communicator and help make science exciting and accessible for everyone.

I was a Maker long before I knew what Making is! As a child, I had tons of model horses I liked to play with, but my parents didn’t want to spend a lot of money to buy accessories for them. My mom taught me how to sew so I could make blankets and saddles, and my dad helped me design and build a toy barn and fences. I soon discovered that I liked the things I made myself better than store-bought toys. I was proud that I was able to create things with my own two hands, and I loved getting to personalize everything exactly how I wanted it.

Since then I’ve made all sorts of things. One thing I get really excited about is upcycling—turning something old or unwanted into something new, useful and awesome! A few quick seams can turn a ripped pair of jeans into a cool, new purse. With a few new shelves and some scrap carpet, you can turn an old bookshelf into the ultimate cat fortress. Everything has potential.

When you visit SCI this summer, I hope you discover the same enthusiasm for Making. It really is a mindset. When you start to believe in you own capacity for creativity and follow your imagination, you’ll develop the skills you need along the way. I hope everyone who experiences Making this summer gets a chance to try something new and maybe even discover a new passion!